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ESTABLISHED to provide guardianship services to incapacitated persons. We provide a professional service in a professional way, giving careful consideration and dedication to furthering the purposes of the Guardianship Act of 1992 for safety, independence and protection of the ward and the ward's property. Anything we do on behalf of the ward, whether as guardian of the person or as guardian of their estate, will be done with the ward's best interest in mind.



It is our duty as guardian of the person to assert the rights and best interest of the incapacitated person, while respecting their wishes and preferences to the greatest possible extent. Where appropriate, we will also encourage our clients to participate to the maximum extent of their abilities in all decisions which affect them, to act on their own behalf whenever they are able to do so, and to develop or regain, the maximum extent possible, their capacity to manage their personal affairs.

As Agent for the Principal the governing document is a Power of Attorney whereby the Principal names an Agent to act on their behalf and the specific duties are stated in the document and/or stated in the law.

As Guardian of the Estate of the Incapacitated Person we are a "fiduciary". Legally we are obligated to exercise prudent judgment in the management of our client's estate for their benefit only. We do not allow assets to remain idle and the "prudent man rule" is out guideline for the management of the estate of our client. We may within reason hire experts (including accountants, investment advisors, and attorneys) to assist us in proper management of assets of our clients. The reasonable fees and commissions for these experts are properly chargeable to the Estate of the incapacitated person.

The prearranged duties of the agent will be specifically listed in an agreement with the contracting family members of Power of Attorney.

While providing for the needs of our clients, Keystone Guardianship Services is accountable to the court and its monitoring systems that oversee our performance and our wards personal and financial status.

All appropriate insurances are in place and available for inspection.

We carry over 25 years experience in the financial field, having managed approximately 150 accounts including Trusts and Guardianships ranging from $30,000 to $2,000,000. This management includes:
  • Investments
  • Payment of client bills
  • Making arrangements to enter nursing homes and retirement facilities
  • Settlement of estates
  • Administration of Guardianship accounts for minors and incapacitated persons
  • Administration of Agency accounts such as; Attorney-In-Fact, Investment and Custodial accounts


Constance Stoneroad (Connie)
President & Secretary
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Melanie Peters
Vice-President & Treasurer
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