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As Agent for the Principal, the governing document is a Power of Attorney whereby the Principal names an Agent to act on his/her behalf.  The specific duties are stated in the document and/or as stated in the law.
In order for an individual to execute a Power of Attorney, they must have the capacity to understand what they are signing, as well as an understanding of the named Agent’s duties and/or obligations to act under that Power of Attorney.  The Power of Attorney is prepared by an attorney and executed in their presence, as well as in the presence of two witnesses and a notary public.
As Agent, we would perform similar duties as we would for a guardian, with the difference being that the individual is also still able to act on their own behalf, unlike a guardianship where the person’s right to act is terminated.
    In many instances, we act as Power of Attorney for individuals who do not have family or their family is not close in proximity or is unable or unwilling to serve. 

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