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As Guardian, we are appointed by an Orphan’s Court to provide personal and financial services after the person has been deemed incapacitated. 

As Guardian of the Person, we provide the following duties or services:

    ❖    Case management and 24-four on call service
    ❖    Compile personal inventory and social history of the client, which include, but not limited to:
    o    Information on their physical & mental condition
    o    Names of treating physicians and medications
    o    Evaluate living arrangements
    o    Obtain names, addresses and phone numbers of family, friends and/or interested parties
    o    If there are any pre-existing funeral arrangements
    ❖    Attend Care Plans
    ❖    Prepare and file annual court reports
    ❖    Visit and communicate with staff in the facility or supervising caregivers if in the home
    ❖    Schedule and attend doctor’s appointment
    ❖    Coordinate medications
    ❖    Promote relationships consistent with the preferences of the person under our guardianship 
    ❖    Encourage and support the client to maintain contact with family and friends, unless it will substantially harm the person or their wellbeing. 
    ❖    Maintain communication with the client’s family regarding changes in their status.  We will also keep immediate family members advised of all pertinent medical issues.  We may request and consider family input when making medical decisions. 

As Guardian of the Estate (Finances), we provide the following services:

    ❖    Acquire information regarding assets and secure them
    ❖    Receive Income
    ❖    Budget management
    ❖    Payment of expenses
    ❖    Prepare and submit Medical Assistance applications
    ❖    Prepare and submit applications to nursing facilities and retirement homes
    ❖    Prepare an Inventory of the individuals assets at the time of appointment and file with the court
    ❖    Prepare and file court reports annually
    ❖    Handle and track investment accounts
    ❖    Income Tax and Rent Rebate
    ❖    Health Insurance
    ❖    Prearrangement for burial
    ❖    Apply for qualifying additional benefits
    ❖    Arrange for sale of real estate and attend settlement

As guardian of the person and the estate, we are required to:

    ❖    Perform duties and discharge obligations in accordance with current state and federal law governing guardianships. 
    ❖    Comply with the requirements of the court that made the appointment. 
    ❖    Know the extent of the powers and the limitations of authority granted by the governing Court and all decisions and actions shall be consistent with that court order.
    ❖    Obtain court authorization for actions that are subject to court approval, such as sale of real estate, payment of a burial or disbursement of principal assets. 
    ❖    Submit reports regarding the status of the guardianship to the court as ordered by the court or required by state statute, but no less often than annually.

As guardians of the person and of the estate, we keep the court informed about the well‐being of the person and the status of the estate by: 

    A.    Personal care plans and financial plans,
    B.    Inventories and appraisals, and 
    C.    Reports and accountings.

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